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Re: Suggestion for DB6NT Transverter for L-band AO-40 uplink

After searching the available 'cheap' transverter, I have a close look on
DB6NT (Kuhne) transverter.
Any of you can help me with this questions:
1. Is 1 watt output directly feed into the patch (I am using W0LMD design on
12 feet parabolic dish) sufficient most of the time? (I am now using 435Mhz
Uplink with 1 to 50 watts depending on squint and Height).
2. Can anybody have an idea, dB loss (attenuation) of regular transmission
line (eg. Belden 9913, Heliax 5/8", Heliax 7/8") on L-band?
3. What is the 'pros' & 'cons' between using a radio equipped with L-band
(eg. Icom 710H or Kenwood TS-2000x) VS Mash-Mounted Transverter?

Any comment are really appreciated.

73, Reinhard Sual - YB0KTQ
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