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Re: [OT] ft-736 keyer question

At 09:52 PM 9/8/2003 -0400, Steve Meuse wrote:

>Greeting folks,
>                According to the 736 manual, I should be able to hook up 
> an external keyer or a straight key without having to have the internal 
> keyer module installed. Is this correct or am I just interpreting the 
> manual incorrectly? I've tried to connect my external keyer and a 
> straight key up with zero success. Any help would be appreciated.

If the FT-736r has previously had a keyer module installed and then later 
removed, it's possible/probable that the jumper
that is cut during the installation has not been replaced/reconnected.

Refer to the keyer module installation instructions on page 17  of  the 
manual where it refers to "Cut the twisted jumper wire near P4001.

If the jumper is still cut, then the key jack is effectively disconnected 
from the transmitter keying circuit.

John - K9IJ


John Rice  K9IJ
Webmaster, Network Admin, Janitor
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