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Hi folks

> Andrew, that reference does not mention, even once, AMSAT!  Cliff K7RR

I can tell you that you are lucky to get a mention of Ham Radio let alone
AMSAT in media clips. Between the ARISS station operators and I on two
recent ARISS QSO's we made four regional TV news channel bulletins on
different channels, and one networked TV bulletin. Despite the comprehensive
press packs I'd spent hours and hours preparing clearly explaining the
relationships of the organisations, and how important the organisations are
in the equation, Ham Radio/ARISS/AMSAT didn't get a single mention.

We did make a mention on the broadcast radio and some newspaper clippings.

(http://www.g6lvb.com/neston and http://www.g6lvb.com/svc for most of the
media coverage if you're interested).

At the end of the day they have a two minute slot to fill, and with the best
will in the world, a complex organisational structure including NASA, ARRL,
ARISS, AMSAT etc is not going to make exciting news. Showing kids at the mic
talking to an astronaut is though. The best thing you could do would be to
stick an AMSAT banner on the antenna supporting structure - they like pics
of big antennas. (Thanks to Jim G3WGM we had a banner and I didn't get time
to organise putting it up - I was too busy fixing audio feeds and doing
other gopher jobs for the assembled press).

Next time I will make certain that I make it a priority to get that AMSAT
banner in pride of place!

73 Howard G6LVB

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