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Flakey Drake

Hi folks,

Over the weekend my Drake 2880 down converter flaked out on me, and
then returned to working all by itself.  Right in mid-QSO with VK6NU (sorry
John!) the receive side of the system went silent.  My first thought was
that I fried the preamp (I was transmitting at the time), but turning on/off
the converter didn't change the receive noise level.  Climbed up on the
roof, checked the wires, etc.  Nothing wrong.  Back in the shack, no change.

Then, a few minutes later I tried it again, and everything had returned to
normal like nothing had happened.  It wasn't super hot or cold out, no
rain, no lightning, no wind, no reason to flake out.

The odd thing, this is the second time it's happened.

Anybody else have this trouble?

The Drake is modified only with a new LO crystal (for 2.1ghz LO), and a
tweeked capacitor in the PLL.

Any suggestions (besides the obvious one...)?

Greg  KO6TH

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