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Re: 3 axis stabilization

Gary wrote:
> It has been a long time since I have heard anything about 
> putting AO40 in 3-axis mode. Is this still a possibility 
> or has it been abandoned?

Quoting Reinhard Richter, DJ1KM, in his article,
"Recent Events on AO-40" in the September/October
AMSAT Journal in regards to 3-axis stabilization...

"There are very high risks involved. The software 
algorithm for the current orbit is very different 
than for the originally planned orbit. Furthermore,
we don’t know how the mystery effect will influence 
the 3-axis stabilization. Can the reaction wheels 
compensate for it? Additionally, we don’t know how 
much total damage resulted from the explosion and
whether the functioning components will still operate.

When the Eagle and P3-E projects are both in orbit such 
tests can be undertaken. If we lose OSCAR-40 there are 
other satellites that can be used. But if we lose AO-40 
now, we will not have an operational high altitude

The Journal was sent to the printer this morning.  It
will be arriving in your mailbox soon.

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
Editor, AMSAT Journal

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