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Attention Goddard Telemetry feeding stations

As I am sure you will recall, we have an issue with the Goddard server
that to date has not been resolved.
If more than one person is feeding the server at  a time, the resulting
server output contains duplicate, or at times, two or more different
data streams (sometimes one with good CRCs and an additional stream with
bad CRCs, etc). This product spooks the P3T decode software and displays
a garbled data set.
We had hoped to assemble a "Telemetry Working Group" that would schedule
feeds etc, in the hope of resolving this problem, however, I was not
successful in gathering together those who are interested in this
SO, how about this approach: If you are an AO40 telemetry gatherer, by
all means, CONTINUE, but prior to starting to up-load the stream to
Goddard, open P3T and observe to see if someone else is feeding the
server. If they are, just gather, but do not feed your stream to
Goddard. If P3T reveals that no one else is presently feeding, then
commence your uploading. Short of a scheduling plan or a revision in the
Goddard software, this will give users the best odds of receiving a
clean P3T feed. 
Any additional thoughts will be appreciated.
Remember, this service to the Satellite community is only as good as the
received data stream.
Gunther Meisse

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