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eqsl opt out

Hello everyone!

I was on the EQSL web site this morning, and discovered a way to opt out of
EQSL entirely!

I signed up at one point (before I knew that the EQSL does not count toward
awards), but since have tried contacting each station that sends me a EQSL
to arrange a paper card transaction.

By opting out of EQSL, the other station will see a message directing them
to send me a paper card via direct or bureau. Perfect!

I don't intend to bring up the whole debate again, just wanted to inform
those who may have been in the same situation as I -- spending time logging
on every once and a while to check for new "cards", etc...

To opt out (assuming you are a member of EQSL), log in to
http://www.eqsl.cc, click [my profile].  At the bottom of the page is a
button that reads 'Stop EQSLing'. Click this button. On the next screen you
may select your preferred paper QSL route (direct, bureau, qsl manager,

To check your callsign's status in the EQSL system, try

Put your call in the box (make sure to click 'Search' - the enter key
doesn't work). This will return your status w/ EQSL.

Try inserting my call to see what the 'other station' message looks like.



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