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RE: next AO-40 off-period?

Hi Scott

> For those planning DX peditions...is there any forecast/estimate as to the
> next OFF period for AO-40?

My predictions (or that of Nova) are that the sun angle on AO-40 would
exceed 45 degrees on 18 October 2003 if no attitude adjustments are made. 45
degrees is critical because if the sun angle is beyond this there is
insufficient power available from the solar panels to maintain the
spacecraft's functions.

Just before this time, the s/c will start to be re-oriented (ie, ALON/ALAT
<> 0/0) in order to maintain the sun angle below 45 degrees.

This off-pointing will be at its most extreme around 8 December 2003, after
which the s/c will start to be reoriented back.

Around 29 January 2004 the s/c will be able to finally return to
ALON/ALAT=0/0 until the seasonal off-pointing will restart on about 22 May

73 Howard G6LVB

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