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Re: Beacon-20 AO40 CW Net

>Nick, you have to help us with these QNx signals as most of us do not
>have a clue what you are talking about!  You might consider something
>more conventional so us old "farts" can join you!  Cliff K7RR

Be nice your talking to an "Old Fart".  Part of over-the-hill-gang.  Ok,if you
read my 1st post, I requested the use of  Q-sigs not Zn-signals,since the Zn
series is/was used in Mars Nets and
U.S. Army registered Nets. I can handle both,but the Qn (means for cw net use
only) series is mostly  recognized by Amateurs and approved by ARRL in their
field organizational structure for
handling emergency and routine traffic,thru regional,sectional and local
cw-nets on a cycle sequence basis.  Each net meets at a precise time/frequency
so as not to overlap,traffic not sent in net time is held over (not more then
24hrs) for next cycle or if Priority/emergency will be handled at once.  All
communciations during the net is done using QN signals. They are not for
casual nets or
phone nets. The U.S. Army comms use to say "Make it short & sweet" but get it
across !

Cliff,  I use to teach and run the old "EMRISS" cw net ,also did some time
with the Army communciation nets,enjoyed it and hope we get a lot of cw/ops
via AO-40.  One thing I have to mention to everyone,don't ever worry about ur
speed,just checkin,the QNN (Net control station) will     answer you at the
same speed.

Ok,lets have a go at it :

Net station (QNN) calls:    CqCQ AO-40 cwnet de K1uxb QNI (Net stations
checkin) K
K7RR  sends  "R"   (then waits for QNN to send back  "R" )
QNN    sends  "R"   (establish contact)
K7RR  sends   " de K7RR  QTC zero K  (identify station calling with no
QNN    sends   "K7RR ge stby "AS"    (K7RR recognized and asked to standby)
Your in !

Cliff; rather then make this message any longer, I have a few (approx 50) of
the ARRL  QN signals
cards (Pink cards) on hand.  If you or any cw checkins (via AO-40) want a
card,just send me your

Nick K1UXB

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