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Last night on AO-40

Hi all

Last night I was already in bed when I realised
AO-40 should be at my AOS :o) 
I went back to the shack and I wasn't mistaken: 
the sat was 4 deg. elev. by then.
I worked a couple JA's and one of them (JR6LDE) 
told me there was a KH2 station bellow the beacon.
I check it out and a few minutes later KH2GR was
in the log for a new one (Tnx Yoshi).
About 10 minutes later I noticed a qso with HL2JFM
and later I worked Kim for another new one! 
Wow, what a night!
I felt so good I spent the next hour tunning up and
down the transponder. There were only a couple 
QSO's going on, so was about to go QRT...
(It was 2AM local time)
But, suddenly, a huge pile up was formed. I only 
heard the locator MM, so it must be somewhere 
in Asia, I thought. Well, a few minutes later another
new one was already in the log: Nodir, EY8MM.
So, this certanly was a night to remember ;0)

On another subject, may I request Sat operators to use
cluster spotting. It's the most effective mean to alert
all operators of what's going on on the transponder.
It's also a way to advertise OSCAR's among Dx'ers.
Perhaps also a way to attract more sat operators, and 
probably more AMSAT members...
If you don't have a packet radio connection, and don't 
want to bother with telnet configurations, simply check 
DX Summit web page  http://oh2aq.kolumbus.com/dxs/
and use SEND YOUR OWN option to spot any Dx station.
You can also check recent SAT spots (using the link in the 
bottom of side bar).
Please do it for the bennefit of all. Thanks.

CU you soon on AO-40

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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