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OSCAR Satellite Status Page - buggy form

I was going through the AMSAT Weekly Report and seeing what i could hear that
i might expect to hear.  LO-19 was on the list, and sure enough, i heard its
CW beacon.  But when i entered it, i didn't notice that there was a problem
with the form and UO-14 got entered by mistake.  So sorry about the confusion,
in attempting to correct that, i've at least got a conflicting report on the
status page, so people might see that it was valid.

1. If one enters the same date/satellite/callsign twice, please have it replace
   rather than add an entry to the database, so we can fix our stupid mistakes.
   If no box has been checked in the replacement, then please delete the entry.

2. The form has the code for UO-14 instead of LO-19 for LO-19.  (Please see
   'diff' below.)

Thank you for this great service!

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

Attachment: Correction to form
*** index2.php	Sat Sep  6 12:08:20 2003
--- index2.php.patched	Sat Sep  6 12:09:16 2003
*** 455,459 ****
  <option value="RS-15">RS-15
  <option value="AO-16">AO-16
! <option value="UO-14">LO-19
  <option value="FO-20">FO-20
  <option value="RS-20">RS-20
--- 455,459 ----
  <option value="RS-15">RS-15
  <option value="AO-16">AO-16
! <option value="LO-19">LO-19
  <option value="FO-20">FO-20
  <option value="RS-20">RS-20
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