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The most remote city on earth

Living as I do in the most remote city on earth , we are severely
disadvantaged when it comes to Ham radio operating. It's extremely difficult
to work South America on HF at the best of times but it's even worse on
satellites !
Do any of you genious's ( genii ? ) have a way of calculating if the many
satellite operators here in Perth Western Australia have even a remote
chance of working any, most,all of the South American continent ?
I've tried using Nova, and other programmes but there never seems to be a
remote chance of a contact , even assuming there was anyone at the other end
On behalf of myself and VK6NU, VK6HZ, VK6KDX,
VK6MJ,VK6APH,VK6VV,VK6AKI,VK6JJJ,and apologies to those I've missed, if
someone can tell me when to operate, most of the above will be there also.
Either that or can someone put a satellite up that will let us get on an
even footing with our fellow hams in all the other states in Australia who
can do it easily ?
One last question, Is there to be a period like earlier in the year when I
was just getting ready to go on AO-40, when the satellite will be un
accessible for a period of weeks/months ?
I bet it will be just when my mode L gear is ready to try out !
Yours in good humour !
Keith VK6XH

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