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Re: Channel Master 1.0m dish?


Here are some links that were helpful to me as I set about putting my
Channel Master into service:

http://www.wmfd.com/w8gsm/ -- some photos as well as some information on how
far downward it needs to point for main beam at 0 degrees elevation.

http://www.w1ghz.org/antbook/app-5a.pdf -- Paul has put together some
information on common offset dishes -- your dish is mentioned there.

There is a program that Paul has at
http://www.w1ghz.org/antbook/contents.htm called HDL_ANT.EXE that will help
you understand the geometry of your offset dish.  Understanding the
particulars of the dish can be helpful when trying to decide on an
appropriate feed.

Given the f/D ratio that I came up with after carefully measuring the dish
and running it through the program, the helix feed seems to be the best
choice as it doesn't over illuminate the reflector.  "Mode S the Book" by Ed
Krome (available from Amsat) provides some really useful information on this

Jerry at http://members.aol.com/k5oe/ has some excellent information on both
patch and helix feeds.  Good descriptions, drawings and pictures.  I use a
cupped helix, based on his ideas, to feed my Channel Master and it seems to
work very well.

I have tried several patch feeds for this dish, but the signal from AO-40 is
louder when I'm using one of the helix feeds.

I have pictures of my installation, so if you would like any shots or
close-ups of the mount or feeds, I'd be happy to pass them along.

Thanks to all of you who publish your stuff on the web.


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