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I have been sent the same "microsoft bulletin" about 5-10 times everyday.  This 
message is bogus and contains the W32.dumaru virus.  After doing some research I find 
that the past ten messages were all sent from someone in the frontiernet.net domain 
in the New York state area, probably near Rochester where this ISP is located.  I am 
in someone's address book there.  If you have a frontiernet.net address, would you 
please get a virus checking program, if you don't have one, and use it.  Or at least 
take my address out of your Address book?

By the way, the originating IP address is in the 216.67.xxx.xx address range.  If you 
are also getting these messages, expand your headers and see if the originating IP 
address is in this range.

73, Roy -- W0SL

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