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Re: Re: tuning on DXpeditions

The general consensus is, I don't!  The thought was a little
technology might make it easier for some people to make contact, but,
at least the people who frequent amsat-bb don't believe it's useful.

I have the radio and computer talking anyway, for HF work, and I'll
probably try  it anyway, but it's clear that trying to follow the
"One True Rule" is not necessary.

The most useful thing seems to be to set up on the other side of the
beacon.  Piece of cake!

73, doug

   Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 11:36:35 -0400 (EDT)
   From: Andrew Glasbrenner <glasbrenner@mindspring.com>

   > I've been thinking about this computer tuning issue, for DXpeditioning,
   some more.  It appears to me that I really only need automatic
   correction for my uplink, and that I can quite reasonably tune the
   downlink by hand, with the tracking program telling me where my own
   signal is appearing, but the actual tuning being by hand, since many
   people trying to contact me won't have full computer control anyway.

   Why do you need it at all? Seems to me like just extra equipment and problems. I just don't see the benefits I guess.

   73, Drew KO4MA/VP2EAG

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