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Fraud Within Our Group...


It is with much regret that I must resort to a Subject line such as the
one I have posted.

The story... back in the latter part of July a subscriber of this
reflector advertised on this reflector six Motorola (Pelco) az/el rotor
heads. I had been looking for one for some time so I agreed to the price
+ shipping + packaging fee. I promptly sent him a PayPal payment and, by
my Paypal records, he received the payment. After two weeks and no az/el
head, I sent him an e-mail... no response. A week later he posted some
vague email that he had acquired a virus and had been out of email range
for a couple of weeks. I was very relieved because I was beginning to
think that I had been HAD by one of our own. I haven't heard from him
since and haven't received the az/el rotor. I've sent him e-mails with
no result. I called information in his area (Washington State) and he
has an un-listed phone number. I checked the QRZ.com web site and his
address is from a different state from where I sent the payment. 

He has my telephone number, address, and e-mail address but I haven't
heard from him.

At this point, I'm very frustrated and don't know how to proceed. I
don't want to offend my good friends on this reflector; on the other
hand, I feel an obligation to alert everyone to be alert to purchases
from this guy. I hesitate to identify him (maybe he became ill and can't
communicate!) I don't know.

I'm not sure of the proper and morale thing to do. I'm trying to resist
being vindictive. However, I am going to be in Washington State for the
Microwave Conference in three weeks and I might just make a drop in

I don't know if I can pursue any avenues or not. I contacted Paypal to
file a complaint but they won't do anything since it's been more than 30

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Smith / W6TE 

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