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Re: Thank you for your report about FO-29

Hello Masahiro
Tahnk you for the correction I would not have observed it very clearly or
understood the YL pronanciation, the bird sounds very nice, Do u change the
bird sound anytime or is it the same, as I had heard that it was a cackoo
Eager to hear some other messages too via this digitalk.
vu3sxe/sundeep shah.

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From: "ji1izr/Masahiro SANADA" <ji1izr@jamsat.or.jp>
To: "gehna" <gehna@vsnl.net>
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2003 12:40 PM
Subject: Thank you for your report about FO-29

> Hello,
> this is ji1izr/Masahiro Sanada from Japan.
> Thank you for your report about FO-29 digitalker.
> The bird voice is of 'Bush warbler', or a Japanese nightingale,
>  'Uguis' in Japanese,  instead of cuckoo now.
> The voice of that we can hear at the begining of spring.
> Japanese likes the voice of the bird because it tells us that spring has
> come.
> And you said "this is duck-2".
> Yes, I agree with you, hi.
> I think Japanse lady's voice seemed to be heard like that.
> The correct answer is "this is JAS-2".
> But "JAS" and "duck" are similar pronouciation.
> If you send a report to JARL,
> you can write
> "the voice sounds for me like as 'duck 2' instead of 'JAS 2'".
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> Masahiro Sanada
>      de ji1izr/1
>      Itabashi
>    Tokyo, Japan
>   ji1izr@jarl.com
> ji1izr@jamsat.or.jp
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