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Re: Re: tuning on DXpeditions

What an automated world we live in!

Hi Doug...

As your DXpeditions are much appreciated, so should the fact that they must 
be accomplished with minimum equipment and minimum "fuss factor" for you in 
your "remote" locations

I would be inclined to pick a frequency which will not interfere with any of 
the beacons or spurs which exist, and just let your transmit frequency "drift" 
with the doppler.

Do not correct your transmit frequency at all, but calculate the "range" of 
frequency variation during a pass, and announce that you will be "listening" 
away from your "varying" transmit frequency, between ex: "2401.320 to 2401.420" 
or whatever.

Let the ground stations adjust for your doppler, and spread them out in a 
"wide" listening band which is outside your transmit doppler swing so they don't 
transmit on top of you.

That way they can leave their transmitters on one frequency, you can leave 
your transmitter on one frequency and both you and the dxers are only tuning 

This is a tried and true method (except the doppler part) from Novice crystal 
days and works, especially when you are the station of most interest on the 

Thanks for your efforts!


In a message dated 09/04/03 7:20:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time, faunt@panix.com 

> I've been thinking about this computer tuning issue, for DXpeditioning,
>  some more.  It appears to me that I really only need automatic
>  correction for my uplink, and that I can quite reasonably tune the
>  downlink by hand, 
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