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Re: Status page improvements (KD5QGR)

Like the look of the page -- removing the table borders really helped 
the readability.  The popups follow my mouse around, but that may be a 
browser issue since I'm using Apple Safari 1.0.  All told, it looks 
like it may become quite a useful tool even in its current state .. and 
needless to say, the more people contributing data, the more useful it 
will be.  Great job!

On Tuesday, Sep 2, 2003, at 14:05 US/Central, DC wrote:

> Hi all,
> Hope your weekends went well.  Mine was nice and relaxing.  I did 
> quite a bit of work to the site.  First of all, it works now.  Sorry 
> about the outage, my computer was assigned a different IP address so 
> oscar.dcarr.org was pointing to an outdated address and I wasn't 
> around where I could fix this.  Secondly, I added javascript based 
> popups that display information about individual reports (Callsign, 
> time, etc).  I liked what I saw on the other site but I use 
> netscape/mozilla primarily and the popups there only work with 
> internet explorer.  The popups I've added should be platform 
> independent.  Let me know how it works for you.  Incidentally you must 
> have javascript turned on in your browser for it to work [it probably 
> already is].  I also narrowed the table slightly so that it should fit 
> better at lower resolutions and condensed the top of the page content.
> Let me know how it goes,
> David Carr

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