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RS-15? [was: Oscar status page update]

    Maybe all you need is a short sentence on the page that encourages people
    to ONLY SUBMIT a report if you are CERTAIN of your observation and have
    doublee-checked verything.  This WEB page is only as good as your
    input..."  or something like that...

Good point Bob, and i faced that dilemma last week.

Last Thursday, From about 16:45-17:00Z and 18:50-19:10Z, i heard CW at
29.3525 +/- which dropped in frequency as the period.  Unfortunately, i
couldn't copy CW well enough on the first pass (and it was a bit too
fast and noisy for the friend i ask to help me over the phone), and
the second pass, i had trouble getting either cassette recorder to
work until the CW was too noisy for automatic transcription.  On the
21:07-21:30, some local QRM which plagued me during the middle of the
previous pass was bad and i could not copy the beacon at all.  It came
and went at the right time, seems to drop in frequency, and varies
slightly in strenth (spin?).  But it seemed at times a little strong
for a bird that far away, so i was unsure about that report.

Today, i had a moderately strong signal at 29.3525 MHz between about
1550-1612Z on a 70 degree elevation pass, which initially sounded like
it was fading in and out, and eventually settled into a 5 second cycle,
3 seconds on,  2 seconds off, until i lost it when RS-15 was an elevation
of about 3 degrees.

So i think i was hearing RS-15 on a horizontal '10m' twin-lead J-pole,
I was unsure until now, as i couldn't get anyone to check the CW but i 
have now seen some independent confirmation on the new status page,
and given a clearer signal under better controlled conditions, i think
that's what i was hearing.
			         -- KD6PAG

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