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Re: AIDC down-converter drift

>I have an unconverted AIDC 3731AA down-converter that seems to never stop
>drifting no matter how long it is left powered up. After a contact this
>morning with Dominic, from Italy, I now realise that there is an advantage in
>raising the IF to 145 MHz due to a lower multiplication factor of the crystal
>oscillator. Something that I hadn't considered previously.
>I'd like to eliminate, or at least reduce, this drift. My question is, what
>are the specs for the crystal that I should order? I imagine that all I have
>to do is replace the crystal and that no tuning is required. Is that correct?
>My test equipment is very basic.
>The question of drift has been dealt with before by list members and I see
>that people are using pipe insulation over their down-converters and crystal
>heaters. The difference between night and day temperatures here is no more
>than 15 degrees Centigrade. Even so, maybe I should try the insulation first
>before going any further?
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Hi Phil,

I keep my downconverter powered all the time, and I covered it with 
styrofoam...I still get the temperature change drift, of course, but it is 
so slow it is not noticeable...

And we also get little temp change here, from day to nite, but before I
kept the power on and used the styrofoam cover the drift was noticeable...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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