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Looking for

  I recenly obtained a Yaesu communication receiver , model FR-DX-400.
One of the optional accessories listed is a 2 meter convertor board.
Part # PBB--901  FC-2TR..... I have a two part question:

                        (a) if a 2-mt  board was obtained , could this
equipment be used to receive AO-40. ( withprimestar dish and
                               downconverter )

                        (b) Anyone have any ideas on obtaining this
item.Or  better yet,by some slim chance ,  would someone
                               happen to have one,  in their save for a
rainy day project  box, that they would be willing to part with .

I have no idea what the age would be of this machine . But it does work.

At present I have it sitting on the shelf gathering dust.Would like to
utilize it if I could.

Tnx 73's de Gerry ve4gtb
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