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The station is a back-pack station with 20W on 2m and 10W on 70cm and an 
self-made (arrow alike) 2m/70cm handheld antenna. On my web-page you can see 
that it has been used through whole Europe :-)

Now back to the GEO. The downlink may be compairable with the AO40 or Ao10 
downlinks. Ao10 has abt 50W PEP and Ao40 on 13cm has 50W too. We all know 
how these downlink signals are, not very strong for an FM downlink. Via Ao10 
I have done many tests including FM tests. (A transponder is ideal for 
testing different kind of modulations) and even with 120W PEP and 32el. RHCP 
yagi on the uplink I got none readable signals back. With SSB no problems.

So how you want to do this with a mobile station, having less power, less 
antenna gain and lot of interference and reflections of nearby buildings. On 
the other hand it is also a huge problem with operation. Local FM repeaters 
are a good example of it (in my country I notice this often) that 
none-mobile stations occupy the relais and use it as chat box, while 
mobile/portable stations have to wait till they finally switch of the ptt 
switch after hearing a long long story.

What about some kind of international round, where people all around the 
world can log in and talk about their experiments. Then the GEO-sat could be 
switched on at a particulair time and after the round it can be switched of. 
To avoid time problems, their can be done E.g a round when Europe has 
evening and later a round when USA has evening (when sat is between EU and 
Only a few round-leaders are needed in the several continents that control 
the round and keep the topic at a good level.

Just an idea to make the crowdy FM more interresting, and to let it 
contribute to the whole world.

73 de PE1RAH, William

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