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Beacon+20 AO40 Net

Dave, wb6llo, will conduct the Beacon+20 net at 1500z on 07sep03.
Squints are excellent with coverage to all of the Pacific including the 
Pacific Rim.

Please remember to "find yourself" AWAY from the net frequency....Tuning ON 
or near the net frequency to locate yourself just screws up the net.  Net 
control will maintain a fixed xmit frequency ~20 kHz above the beacon, and 
NET CONTROL IS ALWAYS ON FREQUENCY!!  Zero beat him to receive, and a 
slight touch-up of your transmit knob may be required to insure you are 
TRANSMITTING on his frequency.  Doppler is of little concern at these high 
MA's.  And at lower MA's on into the cycle, it means only that you have to 
crank the knob a little bit more...Automatic doppler correction is of 
little use on a round table net...

Join us with your questions, and you experts out there keep checking in 
with those valuable answers!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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