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Calling SO-41, can you hear me ?

I tried both passes this afternoon and could hear SO-41 clearly but couldnt
get anyone to respond to me.  I am using my trusty ICW32 icom handheld and
Arrow dual band beam that worked on UO-14 and works on SO-50 when it is on.
I reviewed the Amsat red cover satellite book and found the note that I need
to be running around 50 watts ERP to use SO-41.  Since Al @ Arrow hasnt been
able to provide any dB gain figure for his antennas, I am running blind.  I
think it is safe to say that the antenna probably doesnt have over 2 to 3 db
of gain.  Correct me if this figure is wrong.

This means that I will need to get some type of amp to be able to use the
handheld.  Any suggestions ?


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