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Re: screen mod on k5gna dish

Hi Ron,

I still occasionally find a place I need to tie down, but it's pretty 
rare.  Maybe you initially tied down too tight at the edges.  Originally I 
put the screen over the center and re-mounted the D/C - this anchored the 
center. I then spent a bit of time smoothing the screen outwards from the 
center to the edges.  Cut first thought on casual inspection was that it 
probably didn't need much tying.  But I started tying and noticed the gaps, 
so worked my way out in a spiral fashion from the middle.

The average spacing between ties is about 2 inches.  Does this help?

The clearspeech probably won't make much difference.  I think you have the 
910H - the internal DSP which is adjustable might help.  Also, use the 
variable attenuator as well.  The method I use is to tune the attenuator to 
a noise level of S0, then tune the MB.  If you aren't seeing S5 on the MB 
then you are probably not focused or pointing correctly.

If you are really having trouble drop me direct email and perhaps we can 
set up an echolink or something.



At 12:52 PM 8/31/2003 -0400, Ronald Nutter wrote:
>I tried the screen mod today and it was a disaster.  I have some areas of
>the dish where I somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 inch between the dish and the
>screen material.  I dont know that much about the microwave area but could
>this be enough to alter the focal point to where the dish focuses the signal
>to the downconverter ?  Guess I will take a few days to tie down every point
>on the dish to rule this out as being the problem.
>I think it is but wanted to check with you and the others.  I could hear the
>MB just fine and picked up a couple of CW QSO's.  Heard Leila go off a few
>times but just could pull out the voice qso's out of the noise.
>I am using the clear-speech filter external unit but that didnt seem to make
>much of a difference.
>Looking for suggestions.  Was hoping to go AO-40 mobile this week on a trip
>I am taking but with the receive situation the way it is, I dont think that
>would be a good idea.  Looks like I will have to hope to see what FM birds
>may be working.

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