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screen mod on k5gna dish


I tried the screen mod today and it was a disaster.  I have some areas of
the dish where I somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 inch between the dish and the
screen material.  I dont know that much about the microwave area but could
this be enough to alter the focal point to where the dish focuses the signal
to the downconverter ?  Guess I will take a few days to tie down every point
on the dish to rule this out as being the problem.

I think it is but wanted to check with you and the others.  I could hear the
MB just fine and picked up a couple of CW QSO's.  Heard Leila go off a few
times but just could pull out the voice qso's out of the noise.

I am using the clear-speech filter external unit but that didnt seem to make
much of a difference.

Looking for suggestions.  Was hoping to go AO-40 mobile this week on a trip
I am taking but with the receive situation the way it is, I dont think that
would be a good idea.  Looks like I will have to hope to see what FM birds
may be working.


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