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435 small power amp?

I'm looking for a small power amp that will take a 50mW UFH signal and 
provide about 2W output.  This device will go in the sounding rocket being 
built at the AFA.  Needs to be reasonably efficient in terms of DC power use.

I bought a UFH amp from Down East that uses a M677005M module.  Normally 
this nice little kit is used to provide up to 7W out for about 20mW 
in.  Bench testing shows it will provide 2W out with 4mW in, which I can 
attenuate my driver to.  However it pulls .178 A DC when idle and 1.09 A 
when driven to 2W output.  The amp must run from a battery pack, weight is 
an issue, and it must run for 20 minutes (330,000 foot flight and 
recovery).  This DEMW unit is overkill.

Anyone know of something out there, perhaps used as a driver stage 
somewhere, that would fit the need?



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