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Re: RE: Dish Formulas ?


My round patch was a real bear to tune. Got the 'W' on
the bench w/ VSWR: 1.05:1, 1.2:1, 1.05:1 but, after
mounting it on the feed strut, the best I could get for
return loss was ~13db for 1.5:1 VSWR. Could not find
a "sweet" spot that would yield better results.

Seems to work fine though.

On Sun, Aug 31, 2003 at 07:35:26AM -0400, Russ Renaud wrote:
> >capacitance/inductance.  The software for that
> >probably costs more than  my
> >car.  If it doesn't, somebody let me know <grin>.
-- snip 
> Modelling aside, I'm having a bear of a time getting
> good return loss from my round patch.  The tuning
> screw adjustment is so touchy.  Helices are definitely
> easier to adjust.  My 5.25 turn helix has excellent
> return loss, and I built it before I built my return
> loss bridge to measure it...
> 73 de Russ va3rr/aa8lu


Joe Ennis - w7net
Whitefish, Montana
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