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RE: Dish Formulas ?

>capacitance/inductance.  The software for that
>probably costs more than  my
>car.  If it doesn't, somebody let me know <grin>.

Earlier version of PCAAD are available on the web for
free and it will model both square and round patches. 
However, the software won't let you do 'dog-eared'
patches and it won't let you ground the patch in the

Modelling aside, I'm having a bear of a time getting
good return loss from my round patch.  The tuning
screw adjustment is so touchy.  Helices are definitely
easier to adjust.  My 5.25 turn helix has excellent
return loss, and I built it before I built my return
loss bridge to measure it...

73 de Russ va3rr/aa8lu

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