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NTBP #10 Success

Todays balloon launch was a success, with one or two minor exceptions. 
First with an advancing cold front we ended up launching just before 9am. 
Just after launch we noticed the parrot repeater was receiving interference 
from the crossband leaving it almost useless except for the high power 
users.  The Crossband worked as expected with some minor problems with 
frequency drifting, but still quite usable. APRS preformed flawlessly from 
launch to landing reporting a max altitude of about 94,000ft. Our ATV 
experiment worked well until shortly after burst when the package 
disconnected and fell to the ground. From what I understand we got some 
good video of "The ground getting big fast". With the exception of the ATV 
package all items were recovered by our DF team. Our search aircraft even 
happened to get the descending package on film just before landing in a 
tree. All of the launch teems had a great time and there is already talk 
about the next launch. I hope everyone enjoined the balloon and we will 
look forward to hearing you on our next balloon.

de wo5m

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