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RE: Dish Formulas ?

Patches are simple in concept, but tricky to actually model.

The easy part is concept -- think about the edges as the only part that
radiates.  That gives you a neat loop antenna.

The tricky part is the fractional wavelength from the ground plane along
with the continuous surface from the feedpoint to the loop.  All that has to
be modeled like a PC board microstripline coupled to a distributed
capacitance/inductance.  The software for that probably costs more than my
car.  If it doesn't, somebody let me know <grin>.

BTW, the K5OE patch we put on my dish for AO-40 on field day just performed
admirably on our recent balloon launch (even though it was 41 MHz lower).

Ron, AG5RS

> Ditto.
> I'd like to find out the theory of operation of a patch antenna for
> dishes.  It doesn't seem like something that looks that should even work.

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