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Status page info

Hi all,

Let me thank all of you again for you support in the status page project 
thus far.  I've moved it to a server other than my laptop now so I can 
actually use it again.  Let me know if you have any problems with this 
one.  Also again if you have server space with php and mysql that you 
would be willing to donate---let me know.  The connection here isn't as 
fast at it could be.  I've changed a few things recently, one of which 
being that you can now click on a satellite name to display the AMSAT 
summary page for that satellite (uplink, downlink, status, etc).  I'm 
working on the ability to display detailed information like callsign, 
detailed report time, etc for any time period.  Another idea I have is 
an upcoming operations schedule page that would list stations planning 
to be on the air on which birds at various times in the future.  Let me 
know what ideas you have about this, as well as any more feature 
requests for the status page.

I'll be away this weekend but I'll be back on Tuesday.  Hope you guys 
have a good labor day weekend as well.

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