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Re: Oscar status page update (for Bob Bruninga)

On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Steve, G4GXL wrote:

> > my APRS radio on 144.39 receives and displays a text alert of any
> > satellites and their freuqencies on its front panel whenever a
> > satellite is in view<
> Bob, ... how you get the text message?
> e.g. Do the messages originate from your home base station ? Are they
> generated automatically from some prediction software?

Yes, as long as someone in your area is running APRSdata.exe on the APRS
frequency in your area, then the Satellites will be put out once a minunte
on the APRS frequency as objects when they are in view.  When the Kenwood
receives an object it displays this on the front panel.  I will use UO14
as an example:

CALL:  UO-14
LAT/LONG:  (who cares...)
GRID SQ:   (who cares...)
DISTANCE:  978 miles    (from you, computed by the radio)
DIRECTION: 278 degrees  (from you, computed by the radio)
SPEED:     999          (actually its 17,500 MPH but 999 is max for APRS)
HEADING:   290          (Direction the satellite is headed
TEXT:      145.975+1up 435.070-5 down

Notice that it even tells you the DOppler to apply to the uplink and
downlinks.  ALso by comparing the direction from you, to the Heading of
the satllite, you can tell whether it is getting closer or going away.
Also by the distance you can estimate the elevation angle. If it is a
800km satellite and it is 800km away from you, then it is about 45
degrtees up... etc.

So everything you need is right there on the front panel of your radio...

See the web page: http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/satinfo.html

AND once every 10 minutes it transmits a one line packet containing the
schedule of up to 4 satellites that will be in view in the next 80
minutes.  This you will find on the radio's DX list screen.

And all of this wihtout asking.  Thats why I love it.  I just drive the
car.  If a satellite comes in view, Ill learn about it real time on my
APRS radio...


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