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status page colors????

I've messed around with numbers in several development versions the 
problem I have is how to represent different reports for the same 
window.  ie: one window has a 'heard' and a 'telemetry only' OR say a 
'heard' and a 'not heard.'  I don't like the orange color I'm using 
currently.  What would the number say?  Do you have any other algorithm 
ideas for this?  Varying the color is possible however there are a few 
caveats.  Web browsers display 256 colors reliably (only a small subset 
of the 256^3 that a page can code for).  In the case of a 'heard' and a 
'not heard' report,  if we just picked the color between  blue and red 
it would be purple.  In cases where there are non-equal numbers of the 
different report types, we could pick the color of the major type and 
then darken it some amount based on the proportions of reports.  This 
still does not deal elegantly with the one of each scenartio.  Any ideas?

studying? whats that? ;)

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