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Re: Oscar status page update

> On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, DC wrote about his LIVE OSCAR web page:
> > I've received quite a bit of feedback for which I am most appreciative.
> > After I get back from classes today I'll try to implement as much as I can.

One more thing.  When someone clicks on NOT HEARD, I think you then need
to display a "ARE YOU SURE?  Have you double checked everything?  Have you
confirmed that your station can hear other birds?  A false NOT-HEARD
report can discourage other users from listening"...

Then if they click "yes I am sure" then it will go into the data base...

Though, I gues a false positive report is just as bad.

Maybe all you need is a short sentence on the page that encourages people
to ONLY SUBMIT a report if you are CERTAIN of your observation and have
doublee-checked verything.  This WEB page is only as good as your
input..."  or something like that...


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