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Live OSCAR status beta online!

I've finished workable beta code for Bob's proposed oscar status page.

Birds are not displayed until they have data; they will appear when 
someone makes a report.  The data on the page is real, please enter only 
valid reports.  If you want to just try it, use the birds AO-98, AO-99.  
This is still beta code, be nice.  Also, the server is my laptop and 
occasionally I have to use it for real work elsewhere, so if the site is 
down send me an email and please be patient.  Offers for production 
server space with PHP, mySQL are welcome.

-real time colored histograms indicationg satellite status
-relatively easy to use interface to add reports
-added all functional amateur sats to the database (that I know)
-7 day rolling info on each bird
-basic usage information
-logging of callsign, time, date, signal report, bird in server database

-detail page that provides more detailed data display for selected time 
frames (time units down to 15 minutes, detailed info--mode,callsign,etc)
-search page for past activity
-input data checking (please don't type garbage/really long strings, etc 
for now)
-[your feature here]

the site is:

David Carr

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