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AO-7 downlink [was: a stupid question]

    ao-07 10 meter downlink what mode is it in ie fm or usb/lsb?
    The reason for this question my hf reciever is only am and ssb
    Glenn kd5dga

That is not a stupid question!  USB/CW for downlink AND uplink in
Mode A (it's a non-inverting transponder).  Here are some references:


No AGC on this transponder, so please keep your power levels low.  If
you hear the beacon (or any station) "FMing", then someone is running 
too much power.

		     -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)


VIRUS WARNING:  There are some nasty viruses going around, which look
like they're from someone who knows you.  PLEASE be careful not to open
any unsolicited attachments, even if you think you know who sent it!!

Be extremely skeptical of anything with "Content-Type: Application/..."

If you can't tell what the content type is, it's best to leave these
alone until this subsides.  (text/plain, image/jpeg, and image/gif 
are usually safe for most adults...  *chuckle*)

What i've seen are ".pif" attachments prefaced by "see the attached file
for details", but this thing is likely 'mutate' at some point.

If you get one of these from me (as i'm getting LOTS of error reports
from messages i didn't send), then someone who has my e-mail address
in their address book is infected.  Look at the last "Received:" field
in the header with a numeric IP address for clues as to who this might
be (for example,

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