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Re: Arrow 14 el 70CM RHCP

At 15:04 26/08/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>This is very cool.  I never thought about making the matching cables 3/4 
>wavelength long.  That puts the Tee further away from the radiating 
>elements.  It also makes it easy to measure the coax with the MFJ-259 SWR 
>analyzer (not a problem for me because I have the MFJ-269 that does UHF).

Making the cables 3/4 also allows the use of equipment that will only 
measure up to 2 mtrs.
3/4 on 70cm is 1/4 on 2 mtrs. just divide the frequency by 3, and make 1/4 
sections for that frequency.

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