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More about noise on AO40

Curiously today at 0530 UTC a strange steady carrier was on MB+30.
After that i found a cw CQ on 145300.7 (MB-20) very weak , should has been
close to a S1 or less, the
station CQing was I1PIK and after that i found him with a S6 signal on
145341 (MB+20), checked again
on MB-30 and i found he was on both freq at same time with different signal
levels. (0534 UTC and MB in 145320.8).
I looked for the "simetric" signal for the carrier mentioned above and i
found it on MB-30.
Could be fine to ask I1PIK what kind of uplink he was using at the time and
also try to look on the .TLM files if is possible to know if the carrier was
on the same uplink type.
I try the same procedure with other stations i heard on the passband but
nothing ... too few stations on to
sustain a theory but this could be something to check.

 73's Paul YV1DIG
AMSAT-YV Tech advisor

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