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Live Satellite Status page

The below LIVE AMSAT web page could show the
current operating status of every bird in real time:


No, its not live, but it COULD be done.

By each satellite name is a bargraph showing a colored histogram of the
last 7 days of activity.  Green means people are reporting it working.
Red means it is reported as not working.  Gray is no report.  Other colors
for example can report the modes of AO7 for example.

Notice that each visitor to the page can click on a button to file a
report.  It is this live user feedback that provides the live updates.

We need this (or something like it).  Any programmers out there want to
take the challenge?

de WB4APR, Bob

P.S.  We have LIVE pages for ISS and PCSAT, but we need them for ALL
birds, not just the AX.25 ones...  Hence, this idea...

ISS page:   www.ariss.net
PCSAT page: pcsat.aprs.org

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