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SWR on a 432 Eggbeater

I moved my 144 MHz and 432 MHz M2 Eggbeaters which I use to work LEO's.
My 144 one works fine.  The 432 Eggbeater has become deaf since I moved
it.  I checked the SWR on an analyzer after I moved it and it showed
greater then 5 (overflow #) on a 3 foot coax.  This problem occurred
after I moved it from it's own mast to a sidearm and metal mast on a
tower with an HF beam on top.

My question is what can effect the Eggbeaters SWR.  I checked and
nothing appeared loose.  I was wondering if the metal mast and tower
could be a likely problem.  The preamp is working but the 432 Eggbeater
will pick up local repeaters but not weak signal such as a LEO.


Any ideas?


Gregory J Dober N3MVF


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