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Re: Question to Sat ops about ISS

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Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 11:09 PM
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Question to Sat ops about ISS

First of all this is not a complaint about Jim´s letter, only some general

> I will point out that I do not have a lot of experience to base this on,
> and most of that is quite old.  I have NEVER heard ISS on the air.  I have
> heard a few passes on Space Shuttle missions where an astronaut has been
> operating, and have heard MIR once with a live person.  Despite an AO-10
> class station, I have never been able to break the pileup to make even a
> UO-14 mid USA type contact.

I will agree with you on UO-14, its one big QRM here in Europe too, everyone
transmitting at the same time and with more and more power and bigger
making the UO-14 one big QRM or a reserved satellite for big setup stations.
That almost finished my next remark on ISS.

Thinking about all the work the people on ISS need to do, its great they
have time
to get on the radio and talk to us hams sometimes, and how do some of us
repay it?
Well take a listen on UO-14 and you will know.

I heard ISS on voice quite a few times over Europe and also tried to work
I heard my own call coming back a few time too, but never had a Qso, because
some hams don't understand when to talk and then to shut it. Maybe some of
the hams
don't understand plain English like "standby" "wait" "xxxxx go ahead" and in
my opinion
should stay off ISS, or maybe they just don't care about anyone else.
Another thing is hams
that work ISS again and again each time they are on voice, keeping everyone
else from making
a first QSO.

Now, ISS could be worked with a HT and 5watt, I did that on APRS, but each
time ISS go to
voice, everything is mayhem, everyone talking at the same time and more and
more power is put
into more and more big setups. Allright, you make the Qso and then let
others try, that's fine.
But when they come on everytime ISS is on voice, others don't stand a

1: listen to what ISS say and wait your turn, don't speak when not spoken
2: Give others a chance to work ISS if you already worked it.
3: Think about how frustrating it is for the people on ISS when everyone
talk at the same time

One can only wonder why they keep coming back on the QRM radio, and maybe
they don't,
I haven't heard them for a long time now.

If we would like to keep amateur radio onboard ISS, we should act like it.

And let me finish again with saying that this was not a complaint about
Jim´s letter, only
remarks about the total picture.

> 73
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Brian OZ1SKY

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