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Re:Purposes of an Amateur Satellite

Hello, Timothy and everyone,
this is ji1izr/Masahiro.

I am very interested in reading your comment.
As you know, there are 2 sats built by university students in Japan in the
air now.
On the website of the sats, there are explanations why they use amateur
I understand now why they indicate the explanation.

I almost agree with you, Timothy.
Many amateurs, including me, enjoy receiving the signals from these birds.
They have no transponder but send so many information from the air.
We can not only enjoy but also contribute to social progress.

I do not think amateur only enjoy for themselves.
There are some responsibility to contribute to the society,
 because frequency is one of the social properties.
I am happy if I can help someone by my activity.

Masahiro Sanada
     de ji1izr/1
   Tokyo, Japan

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