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BPL vs. AM broadcast?

>Current proposals for frequencies are between 1.7 and 80 Mhz 
>conveniently leaving the US Broadcast bands untouched, in 
>fact the Power entities say that above 50 MHz is not necessary.

>The SW Broadcasters have already filed against the proposal.

Looks like the BPL guys are smart enough to leave the US broadcast bands
alone... below 1.7 MHz is AM broadcasting, and television starts at 54 MHz.
The National Association of Broadcasters is the single most powerful lobby in
Washington, leaving the NRA in the dust. The other lobby groups can only offer
money, but the NAB members decide which politicians get access to the airwaves
at election time.

How many Americans listen to shortwave broadcasts? Not enough to worry about.
And the Departments of Defense and Energy usually don't operate in residential
neighborhoods where most BPL customers will be located. Looks like they have
all of their bases covered... they haven't pissed off anybody important. Hams
and shortwave listeners are irrelevant, isn't it more important to bring
broadband internet to the masses so they can shop online and order

Government of the money, by the money and for the money.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

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