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Re: Question to Sat ops about ISS

>  I'm frustrated in working ISS voice.  I
>  call and call and get no response and
>  never know when they are or are going
>  to be active.  Be nice to

My experience with ISS voice  (and much of our hobby) is that to be
successful, you have to listen a great amount, and transmit  little.

I worked Valery Korzun (RZ3FK) using the RS0ISS call on July 4, 2002..

Here are a few ideas:

Monitor the 145.800 downlink frequency when in the shack (I included it in
my FM rig's scan mode with other frequencies I monitor). The scan was on all
the time, so I didn't have to remember an ISS pass was coming up.  Believe
me, it was a little annoying when the packet system was operational, but I
bet that it would pay off eventually.

Listen during holidays, etc. My good luck was on the 4th of July.

Lastly, you may increase your odds of success by having a good beam and some
power available. I used 50w to a 12 db gain x-yagi..

Good luck and 73,


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