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Slim Pickings


Pickings have become damn slim when it comes to satellite operating. On
voice we currently have AO-40, SO-50, AO-7, and FO-29 as soon as the hamfest
in Japan is over. I guess you could include RS-15, but I've personally had
little luck there.

The last few times I've tried AO-27 it has not been on, including an
embarassing hamfest non-demo. The last update on AO-27.org is from April.
Any news from the command team? Anything the ham in the street can do to
help them?

I'm waiting with baited breath the see if Chris can get UO-14 back up and

It would certainly be great news if we could get SO-41 back, and maybe SO-42

I see AO-16 is available for digipeating. I'm not set up for packet, but
would if I thought anyone was on there.

Are there other satellites that we (AMSAT everywhere) could make an effort
to bring back into a usable status? What about PoSat, PO-28? I see it listed
as operational, but not open for amateur use. One report on Surrey's page
says the Portugese military is using it as a store and forward system. Is
this still true? Was IO-26 ever recovered and reloaded too? Can LO-19 be
used to digipeat too? GO-32 and MO-46?

On the bright side we have VUsat set to launch in October, carrying
redundant Mode B transponders. Go Amsat-India!

Echo is set for March. With it's 2 channel setup we may be able to do packet
and FM voice at the same time....

Other projects I've found on the web include Sat-EDU from Amsat-F, and
KiwiSAT from Amsat-ZL. Unfortunately I could not find any timelines for

PCsat2 will have a PSK-31 transponder, FM repeater, and UI digipeating on a
1 year mission to ISS.

I guess P3E is on a fast track for a 2004-2006 launch. This will be

Anyways, just some ramblings on what is happening with the the sats now, and
some questions I have asked myself this afternoon. I'd love to see any
constructive or informative comments.

73, Drew KO4MA

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