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Re: L-Band Sanity - was "being heard over LEILA siren"

Hi Joe,

Hope things are well with you!

You might be right about that, I haven't attempted to measure
the depth or effectiveness of the notch or how accurately
LEILA positions the notch.

I do recall an orbit last summer where the satellite
was very close in (<30K Km) and I kept triggering LEILA
even though I had reduced the power on my FT-847 to as low
as it would go (~ 5 watts) on U-band. I finally had to
reduce the mic gain to get the uplink low enough so that
I didn't trigger it. All the while though, I noticed that
I could easily hear myself over the siren.

73 and best DX,
Tony AA2TX


At 07:44 AM 8/23/03 -0500, k0vty@juno.com wrote:

>Hi All
>Tony said :
>  You can often hear
>U-band stations over LEILA as well even with the notch.
>I'd suggest that this only occurs when the frequency of Lelia is not
>right on the down link in question.
>Joe Murray  K0VTY
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