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Re: L-Band Sanity - was "being heard over LEILA siren"

At 04:12 PM 8/22/03 -0700, Scott Townley wrote:

>One thing, Tony, is that L-band antenna gains are higher than U-band.  So 
>the sat is quite a bit more sensitive...that takes some of the 10dB 
>pathloss hit away.
>My link budget calcs show excess uplink at the given conditions up to 17 
>degrees squint at apogee...and obviously also at even higher squints/lower 

Hi Scott,

Yes, as I understand it, the L band antennas have around
5 dB more gain so you are correct and this would help
overcome a bit of the path loss. So, I agree, it is probably
not more than 10 dB below the beacon. Depending on the exact
situation, it might be OK or it might be too high by a few dB.


Tony AA2TX

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