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Re: being heard over LEILA siren

>  When Leila strikes, it not only causes a siren noise on the offending
>frequency, but also introduces a considerable notch on, and around, said
>frequency. This notch only affects the U-band stations on that frequency.
>The L-band stations are Not notched by Leila, so a perfectly acceptable
>level of L-band signal can still be heard through the Leila siren in most
>  This is not just conjecture. I, unlike some others, actually operate
>exclusively on L-band, and have had this experience many times.

Yes, Roy, I agree 100%....I've lowered my L band power experimentally, 
deliberately, from what I was using when Leila strikes, and I can still 
hear myself perfectly well....I use it quite often on the net when I am net 
control to let the check-in (or whomever) know that I copied their last 
transmission before they (OR SOME ADJOINING STATION) got belted!  I've been 
using L band up to ~25° offpoints with little problems...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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